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The knock out round of ongoing Cricket World Cup is beginning tomorrow with a big match between favorites South Africa and dark horses Sri Lanka. The Protease ended their pool matches journey with second position at the points table in Pool B whereas Sri Lanka remained third in Pool A.

This is the biggest match of the tournament as both teams have got the ability to win the crown. The experts are of the view that it is a bit unfortunate that two top teams are clashing early in the knock out stages. However, the star packed sides are determined to display best results to the spectators across the globe.

In the second match of knock out stages, India will be facing Bangladesh which is likely to be an easy contest. The Bangladeshi side although is very excited to qualify to the knock out stages for the first time in their world cup history, however, they will be tested against a quality side on 19th March. Bangladesh had earlier surprised England in the pool matches. Meanwhile, India remained unbeaten in the Pool B and occupied top position.

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 The third quarter final match of the World Cup will be played between Pakistan and Australia on 20th March. This is likely to be a one sided match as Australia are clearly ahead of Pakistan in all in all departments. If Pakistan had finished with second position in the pool matches, they would have been facing a lighter side in the knock out stages.

The last quarter final of ongoing WC will be played between New Zealand and West Indies on Saturday. With this match the quarter final round will come to an end and four teams will proceed to next round of semi-finals. The knocks out stages have sharpened the heart beats of both players and spectators alike. The teams with strong nerves have got better chances of winning the knock out matches.

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