What Pakistani youth is doing in Dubai

Famous actress of Pakistan travelled to Dubai to celebrate her Eid Night with elite class of her friends and exposed the reality of so called nobles. She is the one who loves to be in controversies in order to stay in news and to attract the attention of the viewers.

This was not for the first time that she has done such a cheap thing on religious event. She went to Dubai on her private tour where she being waited by her friends and done a shameless thing in front of camera. The bold actress has created numerous controversies in her short acting career.

She started off her acting career little while before and became overnight celebrity unlike so many other actresses. She knew the fact that she was neither attractive nor highly capable of great acting skills. But on the other hand she knew how to exploit the situation

Dubai is known for its festivity and marry making environment in entire world and elite class of every society loves to hang out there during vacations. Same was the case with this actress who has earned lots of money in short time. She performed immoral dance there that was leaked later on.
On the other hand this was a curtain raiser for most of the Pakistanis who have been living in the paradise of fools since long time. This incident will give lots of insight about the life of superior class that has been enjoying in foreign countries despite all the odds at national level. There was nothing bad for them and they could afford the expensive life very easily.

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