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The most dangerous bowler in the history of Cricket Wasim Akram ran through the batting line of Australia during an ODI match. The multi-talented cricketer made his first hat-trick in any format of the game during the same match. The crowd has gone mad after his brilliant performance and he was given a standing ovation by the supporters. The Aussie players stood nowhere while facing the thin young man of that time.

Wasim Akram was introduced in the Cricket by Imran Khan who had a great confidence in the upcoming young man. The great Khan polished the skills of young talent and helped him making a wonderful all-rounder. Both the player reigned over the game of cricket more than any player of the world.

According to critics, Wasim Akram was an undisputed hero of the game. He is a role model for the youngsters for his matchless skills that he developed in his long career. Even his opponents were of the views that facing him was the biggest challenge of their life. From Lara to Tendulkar and Viv Richards to Jayasuriya, the left arm pacer was a king of swing.

All the modern fast bowlers of modern time follow the legend pacer in many ways. He has got the intent to transfer his skills among the new generation without discrimination their ethnicity. He has taught the art of reverse swing to Indians, English and Aussie bowlers at the same time.

Wasim Akram has been coaching an Indian outfit in IPL and has put a big impression on the bowlers. He has develop the skills of his team to a great level in the modern cricket.

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