Two ladies disrupt religious congregation in France

A religious congregation was spoiled by two young ladies who appeared on the stage to disrupt the participants. It was an extremely annoying situation for the participants who had gathered in large numbers at that place. However, the ladies were pushed down from the stage and police was called to take notice of this immoral incident.

According to the details, a religious group was holding a program for the training of their community when two young ladies appeared on the stage and they were no wearing shirts. The young ladies with extremely inappropriate dress made the thousands of people furious and they came quickly to run them away.

This was the worst example of hating a certain religion and people belonging to all walks of life condemn the issue. The religious group had taken the permission of the authorities before holding a program in the city. However, the officials expressed their total indifference from such incident.
France is considered a peaceful country where the followers are given total freedom by the government to practice their religion. However, the fanatic elements have always opposed Muslims and Islam to their worst. The local people of this country carry worst enmity towards Islam for unknown reasons.

The world was divided into two groups after the 9/11 attacks in America and the Muslims became soft target for the entire world. Same was the case with the people of France who were living peacefully in the country. They were hated for the crimes they never committed.

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