Two headed baby born in Rawalpindi

A local family of Australia was lucky to escape a horrible incident at local beach. The young kid was timely saved by local rescue team otherwise it would have been very unfortunate incident for whole family. The young girl was failed to keep her within the shallow water and accidently went deep into the sea.According to people present at the beach, the family arrived there at early afternoon and begun playing with the waves.

It was safe to remain near the beach however little girl forgot about the intensity of water and went further into the sea.The tourists from America were also present there and they were watching the whole action.

They rushed toward the child to save her life and called immediately to the rescue teams. The timely operation of local rescue team helped the family a lot.After saving the life of young girl, the rescue team told the family to be careful about their kids whenever they visit the beach.

The father of the kid was very thankful to the team for saving his daughter’s life. The incident was reported on media as well and the rescue officials were appreciated by all people.

Many families love to bring their kids at a recreational place but forget cope with the ultimate danger. Same was the case with Australian family who was there at the beach to spend their vacations but almost struck by huge danger.

The girl was taken to the hospital for minor treatment and aftVer where she was in a stable position. She was very lucky to escape a real danger at the beach with her family.

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