TV actor Ahsan Khan and Bushra Ansari dance in Live Show

Famous TV actor of Pakistan Ahsan Khan gave a brilliant performance with an ex female actress in a live TV Show. The program was on aired on a private channel that has a large viewership across the country. The dance of two successful actors was liked by large people and they gave their utmost appreciations to the couple.

According to the details, Ahsan was invited in a Live Show to share his acting journey with the audience. He was also very eager to participate in this since it was being hosted by a famous celebrity who had earned a good name of her in the past.

The Live Show is on aired from Pakistan’s largest city Karachi which is also a home town of both showbiz celebrities. Ahsan was given a standing ovation in the program by the audience and he really liked it.

Bushra Ansari is considered one of the most successful actresses of Pakistan. She has worked is hundreds of dramas in her career and she is also among the pioneer celebrities of showbiz in Pakistan. She was famous for her excellent acing and comedy skills and can copy any accent very easily.

The female actress has been hosting the morning show since last few years and has earned ultimate fame in this sector as well. She has strong relations in electronic media and her husband also holds an important seat in same industry.

The Live Show of past famous actress had started back in 2009 and she became a leading anchor in no time. Now she has been running the program with great success and has given the audience healthy entertainment in this spanned of time.

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