Top stories A Poor farmers and His wife

A poor farmer married to very beautiful woman. The biggest cause of female beauty had long thick black hair, which she was not just about her, but both of them. One day the farmer’s wife said to her husband,

“the way to come back tomorrow to take a comb from the shop, as long and thick hair trimmed to make them is very important. And then how long will I have ordered to comb the neighborhood … “Poor farmers apologized to his wife and said,” Begum! I have broken many days strayp my watch,

so I do not have enough money to fix it man, I forgot to bring a comb.When you have money, you had to comb neighbors to gather some more … “She did not understand the compulsion of repetition for it was her husband.

Farmers made up his then wife, then cursed himself within it, I am so unfortunate that I can not fulfill a wish of his wife. He thought he’d surprise his wife, he will be very happy. When he got home he saw his wife had been cut her long hair.

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And was smiling at his side. Farmers asked her, “Begum! This is why you were cut off your hair, do they look so cute on you … “she said,” My lord! You said that you do not have money to mend clock when you said I was very depressed.

So I went to the beauty parlor, where her hair Beach I have a clock for you! “When the farmer’s eyes were moist waste both emotions showed him the comb.

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