Shoaib Akhter discloses his wife age in TV Show

The fastest bowler of recent past Shoaib Akhter, talked about his wife age in a TV program in an extremely bad manner. The former cricketer of Pakistan was questioned about his age difference with his wife and he stunned the anchor with unexpected answer. The female host asked the bold sportsman that how true it was that his wife was two times younger than him.

He not only confessed the fact he was two times elder than his wife but also said that the age was going to be covered soon after the birth of two consecutive children. This was really a shocking answer for most of the audience as they were not expecting such a bold response.

Shoaib Akhter wed an unknown young lady in the recent past secretly. No media hype was created on this occasion as he did not invite anyone from mainstream media. According to reports his wife was a student of graduation when he married her. The current age of ex-cricketer is over 40 now but he has maintained his fitness to a great extent.

Shoaib Akhter got under fire from his critics for making impolite remarks about his life partner. The people from various walks of life expressed their deep rage over his statement. They demanded the legendary cricket to be careful of regarding the selection of words. His same behavior has put him in trouble on several times as well.

Rawalpindi Express has got the habit of expressing himself in an outspoken manner. He believes in being bold in every aspect of life and hiding ones emotions about certain things is serious crime. The same cricketer became controversial in India when he made insulting remarks about Sachin Tendulker. The Indian fans became enemy of him after his bold stance about star batsman.

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