Pakistan soldier knocked down Indian soldier at Wahga Border

This is no more a secret that Pakistan Army defeated India during the war of 1965 and there were so aspects of this combat. One of the biggest and horrible fronts was that of Chavinda fights that was fought between the infantry cores of two countries. India was helped by 220 tanks whereas Pakistan had only 44 tanks at that time.

It was great test of Pakistan Army since Narowal sector was extremely defense line to stop Indian aggression. However, it was not that easy to combat the bigger enemy that was aiming to ruin the sovereignty of Pakistan. The deadly war continued for four days and the end result was extremely favorable for Pakistan.

It was Pakistan Army that planned carefully knowing its limits on the other hand India was confident that its greater size would help them overcoming the enemy. It was midnight when hostile enemy attacked the boundaries of Pakistan and gave a clear message of aggression.

It was right time for the soldiers of pure land to rise to the occasion and give enemy a strong rely. The stats of first day war were extremely encouraging for Pakistan since it has destroyed the huge numbers of tanks of enemy. It proved the first psychological advantage over enemy that lasted till the endeavor
At the end of the day Pakistan had destroyed 18 tanks of the enemy whereas it suffered only with the loss of single tank. The enemy was punched on its face and his dreams to defeat Pakistan proved to be a nightmare.

Similarly, rest of the three days also proved fatal for coward enemy and they suffered with huge loss of human lives and tank destruction. Pakistan Army destroyed 144 tanks of enemy in four day and was looking for mission clean sweep until the war was stopped by international community interference.

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