Pakistan pick up three wickets in HBL BANK

Famous cricketer of Pakistan Shoaib Malik was humiliated in London by rude actor of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan in presence of Sania Mirza. The couple participated in a fil award show organized by a private TV channel and mnay celebrities were invited there to participate in it. The couple amused the audience with their dance and interesting gossip.

Sainia was there in London to participate in Wimbledon Championship and Shaoib joined her in the same event. The pair was invited by Star Entertainment to participate in film fare awards as all the Indian Cricket Team was also coming to the show.

The glamorous couple of sports was having great fun in London but the accepted the invitation with heavy heart. Later what happened with them has now become a part of history. Shah Rukh Khan really humiliated them in an untraditional way and hugged Sania Mirza in the presence of her husband.

Malik was feeling very awkward at that time but he was unable to do anything there. Shah Rukh Khan exploited the couple and forced them to dance before the huge crowd that was an unprecedented way to treat to the guests. Malik was clearly annoyed with the behavior of film actor. However he continued for the sack of money that was settled before the start of show.

Meanwhile, London was crowding with the tourists due to the ongoing event of Wimbledon Tennis Championship in the city. People from all parts of the world came there to enjoy the feast and war between famous players of the world.

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