Pakistan Navy played havoc with Indian installments during 1965 war

Pakistan Navy is an unsung hero as an institute as most of the appreciation is given to Pakistan Army during war and peace. However, there are so many adventures of navy that cannot be denied in the troubled history of Pakistan. People a lot about PAF and Army but there is need to highlight the role of navy as well.

There are mainly three parts of Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy is the smallest but an integrant part of its force. The commanders of navy have always faced difficult situation with great courage and gave the enemy a strong reply whenever it was required. It was a difficult time on navy when India attacked Pakistan on its eastern borders.

Whole nation became united to defend the motherland and same was the case with Pakistan Navy. The force had very limited resources and man force at that time and the enemy was armed with latest technology. PNS was attacked by Indian Navy from Mumbai base in which huge crew participated.

The then Naval Chief of Pakistan declared an emergency and ordered the force to attack the enemy with equal power. Pakistan had a powerful submarine Ghazi at that time and it ran through the defense line of enemy with great success. Whole base of Mumbai was destroyed within the operation of few hours.

Pakistan Navy did a wonderful job and crippled the enemy with limited resources in no time. It was time nation required the same and brave sons of soil gave enemy a strong message. The force has developed itself to a level where India cannot even imagine.

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There are so many deadly weapons in this force now due to the untiring efforts of its engineers. The professional skills of officers and brave stance of soldiers have made it one of the best forces in entire world.

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