MQM complaining about hostile role of TV Shows

A senior politician of MQM complained about the hostile role of TV Shows while debating in political program. The spokesman of dangerous party MQM had almost burst into tears when he was asked harsh questions by the anchor. The guest told the news anchor that it was not right thing to do as most of the media outlets were bashing his party unnecessarily.

However, the anchor rejected this impression during the live TV Show that MQM was being trialed media. He strengthened his arguments with the citation that all the political parties were being treated in the same way. There was a hot debate over the current prevailing situation in largest city of Pakistan.

MQM was bashed after their alleged relations with the criminals get exposed in ongoing Rangers operation in Karachi. At least one hundred criminals were taken into custody by law enforcing agencies during their raid on 90. All the criminals were involved in serious crimes.

Huge quantity of foreign ammunition was also detected from the head office largest political party of Karachi. The wanted criminals of Baldia Town incidents were also arrested from the same place. All the TV channels reported the issue in real sense and this made MQM unhappy.

There were hundreds of evidences regarding the criminal elements’ presence in violent political party but they never confessed. The city of Karachi lost its colors due bad law and order situation. There were so many unpleasant incidents taking place in the city every day. However, the situation is controlled by local police and Rangers after putting an iron hand over criminals.

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Whenever a political party has been given a tough time by media due to their own black deeds, they have complained over it. The political parties must understand that it was the role of media to highlight such issues without any discrimination.

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