Model and TV actress Mathira talking about her beauty 

The controversial TV actress and Model of Pakistan, Mthira has given another bold interview to an Indian channel. She talked about her physical appearance in extremely irresponsible manner and told the news reporter that her whole body was worth watching. She proclaimed that if anyone is beautiful he or she must express the beauty the way he likes.

The same model has created so many controversies in her short career and created a bad image of Pakistan. She has also performed in an Indian movie as a guest character. She was given an item song to perform few years before in a Bollywood movie.

The lady who was brought up in Europe has learnt a lot from that culture and she is never afraid of making bold scenes on big or short screen. She got famous from a third class TV program when she hosted an immoral show on a private TV channel.

After that controversy she was offered a larger show by an established media channel some times before. She got ultimate fame from that channel and earned huge money. It was strange that she earned even more whenever she fell in a difficult position. This was also an open example of Pakistani society that has acted in dual ways on many hot issues.

There was no strong demand to ban this TV actress and Model from local viewers despite her immoral shoots. Mathira has openly challenged the Pakistani society for their poor role in various segments of life. The same actress has been appreciated by Indian media for her bold stance and clear way of thinking unlike many Pakistani actresses.

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