Little child saved by Rescue team at Australian Beach

A local family of Australia was almost deprived of their child until rescued team had done well at Australian Beach. According to the details, the young kid came along with his family to enjoy summer afternoon but soon he was in trouble. The kid was playing at shallow water but might waves took him away into the deep sea and it became horrible thing for him.

The family was unable to save the kid at Australian Beach and immediately called the rescue team to save their daughter. It was unlucky incident in which the father of young kid ignored his child and later on was in deep trouble.

The drowning child was screaming for help but the family could hear her voice due to the increasing noise of water. The kid was seen by a stranger who was also there to enjoy the summer afternoon. He drew the attention of the family towards the kid and they rushed to save him.

However, the family was warned to not to go deep into the sea and wait for the rescue team. The rescue team arrived there in no time and saved the life of child with their experience and training. They went deep into the water and pull the girl out of danger.

However, luck struck for them at right time and they returned home with whole family. The family was very happy about the new life of their child and told others not to bring the children on Australian Beach. This could have harmed him like nothing else if proper step was not taken by rescue team.

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