Large Skeletons found In Suadi Arabia

There was nothing amazing than a wonderful report of a Saudi TV on Pakistan’s defense. The reporter discussed various aspects of Pakistan military and gave his viewers an insight about formidable defense this force was having. This was very rare time when an Arabic media had reported the military preparations of a brother Islamic country.

The Saudi TV reported that Pakistan was excelling in a right direction and could become a leading power of the region in coming few years. The journalist quoted several examples in which he showed the latest weapons of Pakistan Army and way of operating during emergency conditions.

Pakistan was facing huge threats by its neighbor and internal forces that has become a big challenge to its sovereignty in last few years. The current wave of terrorism started after the NATO Forces start quitting from Afghanistan. The extreme elements of Taliban have been attacking its important basis regularly.

According to Saudi TV reports, Pakistan has gained all the technology that was necessary for its defense in the current circumstances. The leading atomic powers have been targeting its atomic assets by a long time. The report was opposed by various enemies of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia due to overwhelming hate towards these countries.

However, Pakistan has defied every attack of enemy that was planned against its strengths and sensitive places. India has been trying to unstable Pakistan since last six decades but could succeed in its evil designs.

Saudi TV also reported that strong Pakistan was in the best interest of whole Muslim world. This was a kind of acknowledgment for the whole nation of Pakistan that how much respect it has by all the Islamic countries.

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  1. nadeem warraich says:

    At any case saudi arabia is our good muslim brother we should maintain good relation with Saudies..and must help each other in all dangerous circumstances. ..

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