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Javed Miandad, the former captain of Pakistan had a fight with Australian cricket player in the field while he was batting at his best. The former test player had cast a spell over the opponents and gave them real tough time in the field.

The rival bowlers were helpless against the legend batsman and adopted negative tactics to take his wicket. Miandad was batting into 90s when the opponent bowler of Australian cricket team lost his temperament and kicked him into the legs.

The star player of Pakistan had gone made after him and ran over with his bat. This was really a horrible scene in cricket match in which the field umpire had to interrupt the players.

The Australian cricket player was responsible for this uncharacteristic row since he was trying to provoke Pakistani player with his negative remarks. He was shouting at the batsman in order to divert his attention from batting but he was disappointed to so.

The legend of all time in cricket, kept on batting despite all the odds. The field umpire had warned the both, bowler and batsman for sledging each other but there no impact on Australian bowler.

He was urging batsman to play irresponsible shots in the match and it was impossible things for a player like Miadad. He kept his nerves cool and never threw his wicket in the match.

After trying everything in the match, the Australian cricket player decided to have a physical row with great Asian star. Both the players were given official warning by the match referee and were asked to avoid such incidents in the future.

By the time Miandad was having a chat with field umpire, the Australian player kicked him into the legs. This made him very angry and he aimed at him with the bat but the bowler was survived with timely interruption of umpire.

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