Islam has been given so much flexibility that whenever it was suppressed it has bounced back with equal force. The recent media reports have shown that it has become the fastest growing religion in America despite all the efforts of local government to keep its citizens away from universal truth. The same country has left no stone unturned to defame Islam since last two decades.

During the regime of George W. Bush, America crossed all the limits to defame Islam and they used a notorious term against it. Muslims of all over the world were suspected to be terrorists and they were discriminated in so-called civilizations. The Muslims were humiliated in most parts of the world for no reason.

There are few black sheep in every society and it never meant that whole nation has gone made after those elements. But unfortunately, western standards changed toward this particular religion and they exploited the Muslims that had no example in history.

America was warned by Dr. Zakir Naik to stop maligning Islam but the then leadership of west did not considered it. On the other hand west started off worst crimes against humanity under the umbrella of NATO forces. Heinous crimes against humanity were committed in this war.

Pakistan was also given a tough time in those days when west was invading the Muslim countries. However, its ability to defend the aggression made it surviving under the heavy odds. Meanwhile, Arab countries played a criminal role in that particular scenario.

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