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Indian media is trying its level best to malign Pakistan Army after their government failed to convince Pakistan to restore peace talks without involving Kashmiri leadership. The spokesman of Pakistan Foreign Office told the media that it has postponed the scheduled talks with India after they put unnecessary conditions on mutual negotiations. The spokesman of FO cleared on India that it was beyond considerations to exclude Kashmiri people from dialogue.

Pakistan Army was on hit list of Indian media due to their well preparations in response to possible Indian aggression. The military leadership of Pakistan has cleared on rival forces to keep their evil designs secret. In case of any insurgency they may lose their shape since they were also waiting for a proper moment.

Indian media prepared a TVC to paint Pakistan Army as rival force for peace talks and blamed them through negative approach. The media showed Nawaz Sharif as a peace loving entity who participated in swearing-in-ceremony of Moodi and presented him fresh mangoes.

In the same TVC they showed the chief commander of Pakistan while showing him as a villain. The hostile media also defamed ISI since it has exposed their evil designs on so many times in the past.

Pakistan Army was also well aware of Indian intents and has taken precautionary measures to protect the land from bull eye of enemy. They have made their defense flawless with consistent efforts. The soldiers and officers were restless to teach India a harsh lesson like they have done it in the past.

Video Link:https://goo.gl/l5wHiY

On the other hand Indian media was aware of professional skills of Pakistan Army and has confessed it on so many times. They believe their own army was not that much reliable and they can lose a war against Pakistan. It was a big shame for their national army that was greater in numbers.

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