India trying to initiate a decisive war against Pakistan

Tried in Muslim kuksy So what about him? Watch the videoTried in Muslim kuksy So what about him? Watch the videoIndia was trying to start a decisive war against Pakistan reliable sources revealed the story on August 22, 2015. According to the reports of foreign media India was putting unnecessary pressure on Pakistan so that it could dominate the region without any partnership. However, the same media outlet warned Indian government to take such any step in the recent circumstances.

Since the formation of BJP government in India, the tension has increased on the borders and fanatical elements of this particular party were trying to manipulate latest developing situation in the region. It has numerous hostile steps against Pakistan in recent days and tried to isolate sole Muslim atomic power on international front.

The Indian prime minister has done the same during his visit to UAE in which he urged Arab leaders to join hands against Pakistan. According to secret reports, the Indian leadership had also tried to include Saudi Arabia in the club but they openly refused to part of conspiracy against Pakistan.

India has fought at least four wars against Pakistan and tried its level best to establish regional supremacy. However, there all hopes were burnt into ashes due powerful reply from Pakistani forces. The Indian army was forced to lick the dust during all the wars but their evil designed remained the same.

Pakistan was not unaware of Indian aggression that was continuing on the eastern borders since last few weeks. Border Security Forces has violated ceasefire on so many times but Pakistan has given a proof a responsible state. They have asked international community to take notice of Indian retaliation.

Meanwhile, India has denied starting peace talks with Pakistan on contrary to UFA declarations. They had agreed to hold negotiations on various issues including the core problem of Kashmir few weeks before but now they have back tracked from it.

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