Historical reply of Islamic scholar Dr. Zakir naik to a tough question

It was a big crowd in Islamic Research Center when great Islamic scholar was posed an extremely question by a young man who had recently accepted Islam. The question was related to a sensitive issue of men that what they should do in the given circumstances if they have not been given the treatment of circumcision in the childhood.

However, the Islamic scholar did not show any sign of worries responding to this question. He welcomed the young man who had recently embraced Islam for its true teachings. He told the young man that it was great success for him and he prays for his patience in the coming days.

Islamic scholar told the young man that Islam was the only way to get success in this world and hereafter. He congratulated him for discovering the reality unlike billions of Non-Muslims living in this world.

The young also told Zakir Naik that he was a big fan of him and used to listen his lectures before entering into the circle of Islam. However, the huge crowd was waiting for Mr. Naik to respond on his question and finally the moment arrived and he described the whole matter in an authentic manner.

Zakir Naik told him that Islam has taught about everything under the sky and it was obligatory for Muslims to know about the teachings of Islam. He added that circumcision was recommended by Holy Prophet ﷺ for the Muslims but it was not mandatory.

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It was the question that large numbers of Muslims were not aware of it. He made it look very easy and solved his query in few minutes. It was a historical answer by religious leader which will help the people understanding true image of Islam.

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