Geo TV female Anchor found having immoral activities in London

Geo is the largest TV channel in Pakistan and people rely on its reports like nothing else. It has established its credibility in last few years and become a market leader in Pakistan. The authentic reports of this channel reached its popularity on seventh sky during judiciary movement in Pakistan. However, after that it became biased and lost its fame.

Geo TV was also boycotted by a large political party for its dual role and inclination towards ruling party after the general elections of 2013. It was forced to apologize over a crucial issue by famous party that had charged it with severe allegations. There was long battle between two parties on a hot issue that ended in 2015.

The same channel has produced numerous controversies in Pakistan with its biased reporting and pro-Indian policy. The news anchors of the same channel alleged Pakistan of interfering in Indian affairs back in 2008 and brought a bad name for country.

In the beginning of 2013, the same channel tried to sabotage the peace talks between Pakistan and India and was largely criticized by whole world. It has a great influence on the political leadership of Pakistan. The obvious relations between establishment of Pakistan and the owners of Geo TV have always helped it to save its face in deep crises.

There is only one man in the history of Pakistan that took the risk of challenging this outfit and forced it to apologize. This was the huge success of PTI to give shut up call to a big media organization.

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