Geo TV Anchor dancing in night club in London

Famous anchor of Geo TV is seen dancing in a night club of London along with several other colleagues. The female anchor was on her private tour to famous city and she availed the opportunity to have some fun in abroad country. In Pakistan it was not lawful to do such things as far women were concerned. The news of this particular anchor has spread like fire in forest on social media.

London was destination for the rich class of Pakistan as they love to spend their vacations in this city for its excellent weather. Pakistan has a violent summers and elite class cannot bear this heat like other people therefore they prefer to stay in European countries during this span of time.

It was a slap on the face of Geo that has not spared any politician in terms of his private activities. This particular channel has spread a wave of unrest among the innocent people of Pakistan and promoted scandals for its ultimate rating. However, its own employees and management has always created big news.

London is also a good place for those people who cannot live without their special needs being fulfilled. Same was the case with this female anchor that did an extremely inappropriate job in Europe and hurt many people in her native country.

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Meanwhile, liberal class of Pakistan has always tried to revolt against the traditions of east and religion. The news was reported by a large publishing outfit that did not reveal the name of female anchor to save her career. People have demanded an investigation over this issue to bring the truth forward

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