Foreign media acknowledges role of role Pakistan Army

Foreign media has acknowledged role of Pakistan Army for giving its best during peace and emergency situation. The most accomplished force of the world has proved its skills in all sectors and won the confidence of world across. This particular army has worked in many regions of the world under the platform of United Nations and completed their task effectively.

According to foreign media reports Pakistan Army has become an example for other world due to its dedication towards its mission. The role of this force has been tested on so many ties in the long history of United Nation peace mission and Pakistan Army did not let any host country down.

The military and paramedical staff of this country has also commenced valuable services in many parts of the world. It was a time when Liberia was hit by a huge natural disaster and armies of various countries were afraid of going in that country. It was Pakistan Army that came forward at that time and helped the local people with tremendous effects.

Its role was acknowledged by international community and good image of Pakistan was created in that mission. This was not for the first time Pakistan Army had worked for the pride of its country as there are so many examples in the past as well.
As far as the role of Pakistan Army in making its defense is concerned, it is remarkable by all means. It has faced a bigger enemy with a great courage and confidence and defended its every inch like a rock solid wall. It has fought at least four wars against hostile enemy in last 67 years o so.

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