Famous actress dancing in Dubai

Famous actress of Pakistan has raised new controversy after her bold dance in Dubai. The footage of her video was leaked by someone present in the party that has brought bad name to the whole country. The actress was famous for same kinds of things in the past as well but here latest acts have raised new debate.

Most of the actors and politicians of Pakistan love to travel to Dubai on special days for various business and private tours. They have established big empires there after exploiting innocent Pakistanis at domestic level. This was not the first example in which the actress has done such a bad thing.

The bold stance of Neelum Munir was not hidden from anyone in Pakistan since she made her place in the industry for the same reasons. She is not a prominent artist by any mean and people like her just because of her bold dances and controversies.

On the other hand Dubai is the center of all negative activities since last two decades and provided every criminal a safe haven to live there. Hundreds of corrupt politicians of Pakistan have established their empires in this state without any fear.

The local actress has also earned enough money to live in Dubai and she was still making good business with the help of her strange tactics. The actress was introduced by Karachi center some time before and today she has established herself to a great extent.

There was no secret behind her success than that of accepting cheap roles in various dramas and programs. She is the one who can do anything to live in the top stories of local media.


Video Link:https://goo.gl/VCkHjz
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