Dr. Zakir Naik replies to an arrogant Indian lady

A young Indian lady posed a tricky question to Dr. Zakir Naik during question answer session in a live TV Show. She told the Islamic scholar that his arguments were annoying and make no sense. She alleged that the famous Islamic celebrity was beating about the bush all the time and people should not follow him therefore.

It was an interesting situation for Dr. Zakir Naik and people were curious to know his response. However, cool and calm religious scholar did not mind her arrogant remarks at all. He gave the young lady to complete her stance and later on when she was done with her question, Naik made her speechless.

Dr. Zakir Naik requested the young lady to point out any of lectures in which he was beating about the bush and throwing the arrows into air. However, the girl instead of replying the scholar took the way of making meaningless debate. She told the world famous Muslim celebrity that she was not there to be dictated by any mean.

The audiences were shocked at the rude behavior of young female student who was making the things complicated for no reason. She told Mr. Naik that he was not right all the time and he manipulated the innocent people all the time. These were the rootless allegations, she could not defend properly.

Meanwhile, Dr. Zakir Naik told the young student that there were only two ways of making a debate with anyone. If you are agree with someone then you must listen him or her and of you do not agree with someone, you must provide the reason.

However, the stubborn student replied that she was not made to follow the traditions of stupid world. It was one of the rare chances when a participant had behaved arrogantly with the world famous scholar Dr. Zakir Naik in a live program.

Video link:https://goo.gl/i63vyj
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  1. mabob says:

    She had the right to show off her attitude in any way she felt comfortable, but she was not correct to behave in a journalistic way and shooting arrows into the air without looking at the target. I don’t find any question in her question that needs to be discussed or answered. She should have been more inquisitive than exquisitive.

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