Bold dance of Bushra Ansari in a Live Show

Bushra Ansari is hosting a Live Show in the morning and has been running the program with great success. However, she has adopted all the negative tactics that were introduced by inexperienced female hosts in the same kind of shows. The trend of dancing in the TV programs was given by third class female hosts who had nothing else than to exploit the viewers.

In a most recent program, Bushra Ansari did the same to get cheap fame and brought Ahsan Khan in her show. Ahsan Khan is also known for his cheap attitude and started off the things quite badly. He began dancing a rolling the female host who is more than his mother as far age of the anchor was concerned.

It was really cheap to dance before audience by senior female actress who is now into the last phase of her life. She has enjoyed a good time in showbiz no doubt but this was not her time anyway. She must know that she was hosting a live show which was being seen by large viewers.

In Pakistan it has become common to dance in live shows with the guests but sometime it really justifies the situation. As far as Mrs. Ansari is concerned it was not a good idea to dance in front of huge audience. Ahsan told the female celebrity that he was a big fan of her since his childhood.

The show went on and they discussed various aspects of Pakistan showbiz industry and gave several suggestions for the revival of this old era. The program was liked by the audience but the dancing segment was not appreciated by the viewers at all.

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