Beautiful footage of Hazrat Shuaib A S Home in An Arab State

Brave Muslim recited Prayer Call in the middle of Paris after the cruel sanctions France over veil. The young man belonged to an Arabic State, stunned the people with his wonderful act of bravery. His beautiful accent forced the people to pay a tribute to his sweet voice and unmatched courage. He was actually challenged by is non-Muslim friends to do so.

The brave young man accepted the challenge of reciting the Prayer Call amidst the most beautiful city of world. He stood in a famous square of the city where it was a great rush of people. There were people belonging to all ethnicity and the wonderful thing about this incident was that no one really objected on this act.

The Egyptian boy placed a table in the square and begun reciting Prayer Call. He recited the Adhan very loudly and whosoever listened it, paid a deep attention towards it. Most of the people had heard the Muslim prayer call for the first time in their lives. The people became a statue with the sweetness of the wonderful call.

It was a normal thing for the Muslims but the way the young man dared to recite it in the middle of the city was excellent. The Muslim community living in Paris was overwhelmed with the tears of excitement since it was not allowed in this country. They really appreciated the young man for doing a wonderful deed.

People of other religions were also impressed with the beauty of Prayer Call and they were given a positive message about Islam and its followers. They boy was also very happy to do the great thing.

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