BBC reporter gets surprised in Nottingham

A senior reporter of BBC was shocked by a common man in Nottingham when she was filming a report on a sensitive issue of women. This was the worst experience that a lady had during her journalistic career and could not complete her task due to the offensive narrative of insane man.

According to the details, the lady was resident of London but had to travel to Nottingham due to the demand of her profession. She was working on the same project since a comprehensive time and had to submit the report to champion of journalism BBC on the given day.

The report was on its final touch and she had given the findings of her research to the media outlet according to the required manner. However, she was required to highlight the main features of the report live into the bulletin. She was stunned when a mature man came into the scene and did worst thing that a woman can expect.

Nottingham is considered one of the most educated cities of England in which numerous world class colleges and universities are operating. The educational institutes help a lot in socializing a society and promote mutual respect among the various people.

However, the matter became adverse on a time when one of the most seniors’ journalists was harassed by common man amidst the report whose subject matter was the same. This was height of insult for local society as they failed to maintain a good image of British nation. The report was telecasted on prestigious institute of journalism BBC without any biasness.

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