Australian bowler harming sportsman spirit in Cricket Match

An Australian bowler was found guilty in harming sportsman spirit in a cricket match playing against Pakistan in his home ground. The match was being played in Adelaide Oval when the unpleasant incident took place.

All the cricket community was saddened over the fight and urged the players to avoid such thing in cricket match.Javed Mindad was attacked by Australian bowler Dennis Lilly with a nasty kick and he was relied in the same coin immediately.

According to the reports, Pakistani batsman was batting exceptionally well in that cricket match and he took the game away from Team Australia with his brilliant efforts. This was the concerning issue for opposition and wanted his wicket at any cost.

The Australian bowler was trying desperately to provoke Miandad in order to divert his attention from match. However, the star player of Pakistan refused to react over his negative approach and made his bat talking instead of replying him with harsh words.

However, the Australian bowler was up to something else and he halted Miandad’s way on several times. The batsman was running for a double and Dennis Lilly stopped him doing so with a negative intent.

This was the starting point of horrible fight between two players. Miandad asked him to be polite but he replied in a hash tone.

Meanwhile, the field umpire was trying to keep the players away from each other, the Australian bowler dared to kick the batsman in his legs. Miandad did not stopped after that ran over him with his bat in an angry mode.

All the players had gathered to the spot and asked the both fighters to be cool.The fight came to an end after umpire issued a warning to both players and asked them concentrate more on their play than fight. The Australian player became a laughing stock when the news published in media regarding his behavior in cricket match.

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